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Tumblr best Funny Gif Blog — http://gifini.com/
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lucyhale Welcome to the pony show courtesy of @kristin_ess 
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So a couple nights ago I met @anthrobeats @phoraone & Eskupe also @jcraft818 & for Anthro to say he liked this beat & it was dope was like the first time I ever feel inlove with music like those words ment a lot to me coming from my favorite boom bap producer. Great people hands down Phora treats like you like a friend rather then a fan & @jcraft818 was a chill as dude as well. Always supporting yours truly never will I forget that night the greatest night of my life lately life’s been crappy and that was just a hit of light shinning upon me. (Grateful & Blessed) I was inspired and made this beat off of Anthro’s heavy style that I love so much! #phora #anthro #anthrobeats #producers #hiphop #flstudio #musiclovers #boombap #hiphopheads #yourstruly #producer #beats #makingbeats

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Love Hurts :) (Roman Atwood & Brit)
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Love this girl so much❤️

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Finally getting my favorite producers attention (@anthrobeats) lol 😂😁👍🎶🎼 #boombap #producer #phora #phoraliveinfresno #fresno

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@anthrobeats cymbal crash though 👻🎤🎉🎊 @phoraone - Sunny CA (live in Fresno) #phora #fresno #anthro #phoraliveinfresno

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Well said. #RIPRobinWilliams #truth #true #wisdom #foodforthought #spreadlove #helponeanother
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